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Excitements at Annesley

A few days working with Foundation Stage children at Annesley Primary School, Nottinghamshire.

camels got priority in our desert tents!










With a theme “Children in other countries”, we set off on expeditions to make new friends:


We could fly in a ‘plane

            We could drive in a car

            We could ride on a donkey

            Or hang onto a motorbike

            We could sail in a boat

            Or gallop in a horse

            We could squeeze all of us onto one elephant

            Or have an elephant each

            Or we could sit on a flying carpet


Children went off exploring, finding other adventures, other animals, other children


            One group went to cold places and made a tent and a campfire. They cuddled up with polar bears at night to keep warm. They met wolves and bears and many friendly animals


the arctic encampment (including stray penguin)

            In Africa. another group saw lions, but were not afraid, although on person was scared of elephant noises


Working in the school garden, we made those tents, built those shelters, found homes for monkeys, frogs and crabs, assembled that picnic ( nuts, apples, leaf-ice-cream), photographing and drawing the results. Eventually we made friends with other children and recorded our adventures on pop-up cards with grown-ups doing the writing because when you are 4 years old it’s useful to have minions to do those sort of things….


On a tropical island, children made houses and met giant tortoises

And Jack (3 years old) said:
The eagle and the owl are friends,

            And beavers make dams,

            Whales swim in the sea,

            And squirrels climb trees,           

            But the eagle flies

            High in the sky.


inside of a pop-up card - an animal friend


assembled stories


Latest worksheets

New worksheets

A fishy flavour for this set – big fish, small fish, fish to wave or fish to wear on your head!

There are two pages to each worksheet: a “leader’s sheet” with equipment list and hints on leading the activity and a straightforward “how-to-do it” page.  One page of the Flying Fish sheet has flown away…will track it down!

The original books for these sheets was “Talking to the Earth”. That and the more recent “Celebrating Nature’ are still available – follow the link to my website: Gordon’s books


"Giant fish" activity sheet
"Giant fish" activity sheet
"Flying fish" activity sheet - leader's sheet to follow
Fat Fish on Sticks - worksheet
"Fat fish on sticks" leader's notes
"Fishy windsocks" - leader's sheet
"Fishy windsocks" activity sheet
Made along the lines of a "giant fish"

A week of workshops

A week of hectic workshops pushed African memories to the back of my mind for a while as I need to concentrate on the here and now of slightly mad puppet characters and their evolving stories*.
A whirlwind week with 5 days of workshops since last Monday including three Moorland stories sessions for Borderland Vocies (why not look at and join our Facebook group Moorland Stories), a noisy day making night-time mobiles to carry bats, owl and other excitements into your dreams, a dauntingly quiet day with the woodland Trust (but a chance to meet some excellent Woodland Trust rangers and the delightful Cath Aran, another storyteller )

storytellers, rangers and remarkably few members of the public!


And to-day, a pleasant workshop at Tittesworth Reservoir and maybe 40 people settling down to make puppet s- some to take away and some for us to keep….gradually accumulating numbers for our Moorland Stories Enchanted World of Puppets at the Just-So Festival


* The old woman who lives in Rock Hall in the Roaches and spends her time counting fossils, the mermaid who lives in Doxey Pool nearby, the Moorlands Bear and his endless quest for more honey, and the puppy who lost his voice – stolen by the frog in his throat……


Environmental Art Worksheets

Environmental Art Worksheets

Way back in 1995 or so, I wrote a book called Talking to the Earth exploring environmental art and creativity. We did a set of worksheets to accompany the book that have been out of print for a few years now. So over the next year or so, I’m going to post these on this website  for people to download, use and (hopefully) enjoy!

If you use these sheets, please add a comment below!

Talking to the Earth and my other environmental art book Celebrating Nature (2009) are both still available – with lots more ideas and activities for individuals, groups and occasional boggarts to make the most of!

bristling, feathered, rushy, grassy and flamboyant!

get carried away on top of someone's head.....
hints and advcie for head Sculptures workshops

advice for people leading a "Standards" workshop