In Pursuit of Love and Passion 2002 – 2005


“what we love in Buxton and why we are passionate about the Peak”

Buxton’s lantern festival in February, embraces more than just lanterns. A workshop programme reaches out to schools and youth and community groups. Free public events range from “Bitter Love and Twisted Passions” poetry evenings to “Stamping Feet” samba activities, beast mask, passionate hat and pirate ship lantern workshops.

paintingEverything builds to the grand Pursuit itself: an adventurous, dramatic romp through town that plunges from the depths of despair, meeting Wailing Women, burning ships and mist-shrouded tunnels; bypasses the Passion Pirates (who steal your woes away) and cavorts through the temples of love and passion.

preparationTo close proceedings, the final night sees a silent, reflective walk through the woods and up onto a hilltop overlooking the town where musicians meet the company and serenade us with gentle tunes while drinks, biscuits and sweet delights are passed around.


Creeping Toad at Love and Passion

performanceGordon has been the main project manager for the festival since its first burst of passion in 2002. In this role, he coordinates the team that plans and develops the events. He also raises funds, manages budgets, handles media relations, designs publicity and delicately manages the arts team of some 12 – 20 artists, musicians and community groups.

When the Festival is running, Gordon is one of that team leading workshops, inspiring Pirates in their villainy, training Beasts in howling beastliness and helping teenage Birds of Paradise find their feathers.

In the main parade, Gordon is the Conductor of Despair, co-leader of the Pursuit with the Goddess of Love and Passion.


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