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Old stones and  ancient bones, poems from the hollow hills

by Gordon MacLellan

Creeping Toad, 2013

ISBN 978-1-291-46593

Price £7.00 (includes P&P for UK, overseas, ask for details)

From ancient tombs on orkney to re-forested limestone quarries in Derbyshire, Old stones takes the reader on a poetic adventure into older, wilder or stranger worlds. Poems invite the reader to watch gannets, to pause and savour the beauty of a frozen pools, to sit singing in the dark of a Stone Age barrow or to be spirited away by the Faeries



The Wanton Green

contemporary pagan writings on place

editors: G MacLellan and S Cross

 Mandrake Books, Oxford, 2011

ISBN: 978 1  906958 29 9

Price £11.99. Order £14.00 (includes P&P – overseas contact Toad for details)

This collection of essays by 20 different authors, offers fresh perspectives on our relationsip with place. here are thoughts from people to whom the earth, our relationships with landscape and with our ancestors are vital, inspiring, often holy processes. With contributions from wrtiters as varied as Barry Patterson and Runic John, Susan greenwood, Emma Restall Orr, Jan Fries and Gordon MacLellan, The Wanton Green hopes to excite, inspire and possibly provoke!

Wanton Green cover, image by Damian Hughes







Celebrating Nature

“We live in a world worthy of celebration”

by Gordon MacLellan

Price: £16.00

ISBN: 1 -86163-168-5

Orders: £16.00 (includes P & P)
direct from Creeping Toad or from publisher Capall Bann

Celebrating Nature takes you on a journey through the process of creating a celebration about people, places and wildlife with school, youth or community groups – or simply with the friends on your street. Here, you can rally your inspiration and planning, go exploring under leaves and wallowing in mud, discover, brood, and make. This book will take you all the way through to the celebration itself and using the excitement it generates to look at what you might do together next.


River and Sea cover

River and Sea: Two new tales of enchantment
by Gordon MacLellan
A new booklet from Creeping Toad: 20 pages, postcard sized, wildly illustrated

Price: £3.50 (includes UK P&P) only available from Creeping Toad

…wait for the voice in the sound of wave on sand as you walk along a beach, and hear the tale of Angus who fell in love with a woman made of seafoam and spray.

And in the hills, tread carefully and remember ancient courtesies. The magical people may be seen less often than they were but do not ever make the mistake of thinking they are gone. The Kelpie still dreams in his deep pool, still watches, still waits for those who sleep on sunwarmed stones by the river.



StarMatter cover
Cover art byGavin Frankel
by Lesley Brown, Gordon MacLellan and Tom Mason

Price: £9.95

Astronomy, geology, time and education: StarMatter offers concepts and ideas for developing an awareness and appreciation of where we came from and where we are going. Combining scientific discipline with arts, StarMatter takes a non-human-centred approach to such fascinating concepts and systems as Deep Time, the planets, stars and the origin of matter.

Art, school work, personal inspiration and challenging ideas: StarMatter opens new doors.

Published by StillWell, 2005
ISBN 0-9550-3450-7
UK Orders: £9.95 from Creeping Toad (includes 2nd class postage). £10.50 (first class).
Overseas and larger orders: contact Creeping Toad for details.

Shamanism cover

The Piatkus Guide to Shamanism
by Gordon MacLellan

SORRY! OUT OF PRINT: but look for it in secondhand shops!

“… characterised by its good sense, its clarity, and by an underlying sense of humour… a most balanced account of shamanism and shamanic apprenticeship.” – Wood and Water

Published by Piatkus Books, 1999
ISBN 0-7499-2023-8


Sacred Animals cover
Cover art byLuke Andrew
Sacred Animals
by Gordon MacLellan

Price: £9.95

An invitation to embark on a journey into your personal relationship with the animal world.

“This book is a true wonder! … It is undoubtedly the best step by step guide to meeting a totemic animal that I have ever had the privilege to read.” – Time Between Times

Published by Capall Bann, 1997
ISBN 189830769-5
UK Orders: £10.50 (including p&p) direct from Creeping Toad

Talking to the Earth cover

Talking to the Earth
by Gordon MacLellan

Price: £10.00

Environmental art activities for use with groups of young people.

“Stuffed full of inspirational ideas.” – BBC Wildlife Magazine

Published by Capall Bann, 1995
ISBN 1-898307-43-1
UK Orders: £10.50 (including p&p) direct from Creeping Toad

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