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Waiting for the Snow

by Gordon MacLellan

ISBN 978-1-4457-8683-4

From the cold stillness of a woodland in winter, to the wonder of bluebells, the perils of still water and the richness of orchards, Waiting for the Snow invites a different connection to the world around us.

Look outward, walk on the riverbank with open eyes and a willing heart. Turn inward and step carefully around the cracks in the pavement. There are mysteries here as well, watchful shadows lurking. Threatening, they still hold their own promise and the possibility of change.

Step out. Step away from the familiar and let Waiting draw you into a world of enchantments.

Price: £5.50, follow the link in the buttons at the top of this page to buy!

Baba Yaga: tales of an old witch

Step into a world of dangerous enchantment and a witch who will challenge you, threaten you, or, quite possibly, eat you. If you can find her, you will always be changed by the experience…

Hide a witch,

inside a house,

Inside a wood,

Inside a beck,

Inside a bog,

Inside a crag,

Inside a world,

Inside a doll

This is a little booklet: 80mm x 150mm…a small moment, a leaf dropped from a wildwood tree, a splash from a witch’s cauldron

Price: £4.00 – follow the link in the buttons at the top of this page to buy!

Sacred animals 2023

Sacred Animals: reconnecting with the natural world

By Gordon MacLellan

ISBN 978-1-915580-07-8

Green Magic Publishing,

A manual for exploring your connections with animal worlds. Spiritual without being religious, Sacred Animals offers activities and ideas to build your own relationships with the world around us.

How do we refresh, renew, replenish, revitalise our connections with the animal worlds?

Or how do we simply recognise our relationships with the world around us?

As the environmental crisis deepens, in Sacred Animals, Gordon MacLellan argues that while we may change how we live, how we use energy and other resources, to really address the issues facing us we need a deeper, more profound change in how we live on this Earth.

“We need to reaffirm our relationship with the world around us, recognising the richness and vitality of ecosystems and our place within those relationships. Whether we call that relationship religious or spiritual or simply rewardingly creative and meaningful, we need changes that are anchored in our very souls.” (Gordon MacLellan)

Cost: £14:00 follow the link in the buttons at the top of this page to buy!

Green Man postcards

2 images – one of a Hawthorn Man and one a photograph of the face of a magnificent tree puppet who stands about 3 metres tall. Postcards are sold in bundles of 6: 3 of each image

Old stones and  ancient bones, poems from the hollow hills

by Gordon MacLellan

Creeping Toad, 2013

ISBN 978-1-291-46593

Price £7.00 (includes P&P for UK, overseas, ask for details)

From ancient tombs on orkney to re-forested limestone quarries in Derbyshire, Old stones takes the reader on a poetic adventure into older, wilder or stranger worlds. Poems invite the reader to watch gannets, to pause and savour the beauty of a frozen pools, to sit singing in the dark of a Stone Age barrow or to be spirited away by the Faeries

The Wanton Green

Wanton Green cover, image by Damian Hughes


“We live in a world worthy of celebration”

by Gordon MacLellan

Price: £16.00

ISBN: 1 -86163-168-5


Celebrating Nature takes you on a journey through the process of creating a celebration about people, places and wildlife with school, youth or community groups – or simply with the friends on your street. Here, you can rally your inspiration and planning, go exploring under leaves and wallowing in mud, discover, brood, and make. This book will take you all the way through to the celebration itself and using the excitement it generates to look at what you might do together next.

River and Sea: Two new tales of enchantment
by Gordon MacLellan
A new booklet from Creeping Toad: 20 pages, postcard sized, wildly illustrated

Price: £3.50 (includes UK P&P) only available from Creeping Toad

…wait for the voice in the sound of wave on sand as you walk along a beach, and hear the tale of Angus who fell in love with a woman made of seafoam and spray.

And in the hills, tread carefully and remember ancient courtesies. The magical people may be seen less often than they were but do not ever make the mistake of thinking they are gone. The Kelpie still dreams in his deep pool, still watches, still waits for those who sleep on sunwarmed stones by the river.

OVERSEAS ORDERS: We recommend you contact your local book supplier – and encourage them to order several copies from the publisher!

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