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Creeping Toad

rugs, drum and story bag ready for action

Creeping Toad works with groups to find ways of celebrating the relationships between people, places and wildlife

 Creeping Toad is Gordon MacLellan a zoologist, teacher, storyteller and artist




Creeping Toad projects

taking hold of a moment to shape a story
  •  help people find ways of valuing the “specialness” of their homes, schools, neighbourhoods and the wildlife that surrounds us
  •  combine exploration, experience, investigations and discovery with rampant creativity
  •  use stories as a core activity: both traditional stories that might inspire a new look at familiar themes or the creation of new stories as a group explores an idea for themselves
  • foster personal creativity in participants, encouraging opportunities to develop skills, try new techniques, build confidence
  •  look for opportunities for people to find their own connections with the world around them
  •  encourage cooperation to create bigger celebrations, deeper moments or simply new friendships
  • a bottle-lantern from a Tiny! lantern parade

and those Boggarts get everywhere!


Images on this site have been taken during Creeping Toad projects and are presented with honour and respect and in celebration of the participants on these events. If there is a photograph of yourself, your pupils or children you are responsible for that you would prefer not to have on public view, please let us know.

All images © Creeping Toad,  exception: Plas Power pictures (Home page and others): c/o Laurence Crossman-Emms and the Woodland Trust

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