Pirate Adventures

On the whole, at Creeping Toad we design sessions to suit your individual needs, but working with pirate themes offers such excitement and a richness of opportunities that it feels worth highlighting
pirate ship
In recent Pirate workshops, we have

  • listened to the Toad telling old tales of sea, wind and piracy
  • made puppets
  • built treasure chests and found natural treasures
  • made giant lantern ships
  • tropical islands
    (making flags and maps)
  • met fabulous creatures
    (more puppets)
  • made parrots for our shoulders
  • pirate ship hats for our heads
  • painted giant sea friezes
  • created dances of wave and storm
  • acted out stories of treasure, friendship, foes and volcanoes
  • written journals
  • made maps
  • developed characters
  • talked about travel, other countries, navigation, meeting new people, bringing new foods back to Europe

bowl and gobletThe Creeping Toad pirate resources include large model ships to handle and draw, wooden bowls and pewter plates and tankards from life on board ship, a cabin trunk of hats, coats and shirts, boxes of shells to wonder at, tropical animals to draw, exotic fruit and nuts to marvel over…

…and then there is the Toad who is, apparently, something of a pirate himself.

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