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Creeping Toad works with groups to find ways of celebrating the places where people live, work and play

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This Blade of a Beak

New post on the Toadblog in praise of ravens…

Raven, c/o Chris Foote

A blade of a beak
To slice flesh from bone
And shave hair from skin,
To free from blood from body
And hope from hearts.
A bright, black bead of an eye
To see now, and then, and maybe.

…follow the link for the rest of the poem…

The Wonders of the Peak


Time gently and untidily shelves

The memory of

Barrows and tunnels,

Treasures and tollroads,

Until all that is left

Are the bones and bits,

We sift from the debris of centuries,

The ghosts of facts,

And the stories we tell.

Find out more about Creeping Toad work with Buxton Museum and other museums here



Stories Alive!

worksheets on storymaking for early years can be found


school sessions 2018 – 2019

would you like some stories? some art to shake up a theme, a Stone Age session with extra mammoths, listen to some ol’ Viking Saga, or just a bit of creative excitement to give a topic an extra thrill, sail your longboat  HERE!

Stone age days:  for  some prehistoric excitements and inspirations for schools, family events and and other groups, mouse this Mammoth!


hatfulls of rivers....
hatfulls of rivers….


storytelling, story making, book building, pond-dipping, bug hunting, flower watching, tree chasing, puppets, processions,

lanterns, flags, masks, monsters and more, 

who knows what may feature in a Toad project

a bottle lantern from a Tiny! celebration

challenging, cheerful, inspiring, confidence raising, skills building,

Creeping Toad events, projects and training courses are also,

quite simply,



Creeping Toad in action, Plas Power Woods, 2014
Creeping Toad in action, Plas Power Woods, 2014 photo c/o Laurence Crossman-Emms








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