Creeping Toad – looking into the pond

new books from Creeping Toad!

moments of wonder, moments of sorrow, tales from the darkness of caves and the depths of a freezing Arctic night and ideas, inspirations and challenges for exploring your own relationships with the animal kingdoms… go to the Books page

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Shadows and wonders

Shadow Puppets: visit the Out and About page for a new workshop for schools or public events playing with light, shade, colour and excitement…..there might be dragons, forests of enchanted trees rotating across a ceiling, flying birds, running wolves….

Creeping Toad works with groups to find ways of celebrating the places where people live, work and play

Creeping Toad:

  • tells old stories
  • creates new stories with poems
  • invites explorations
  • creates celebrations

There are treasure chests and pirates and dragons

There might be lost tales, mouse maps, finger-tip elephants or fluttering butterflies

We might make wolf masks, processional fish, colourful flags or a woodland of dancing tree-people

There could be tiny bottle lanterns, giant lantern bumblebees or maybe just a simple winter woodland glow for a December tabletop

We might work with ponds and pools, rivers, gardens and parks

There might be trees, wood, moors, mosses and squelchy bogs,

fossils, stepping stones, sand and rock

crystals, caves, shadows and lights….

Creeping Toad celebrates people, places and wildlife

Try the Creeping Toad Youtube channel for stories, poems and cheerful wierdness


storytelling, story making, book building, pond-dipping, bug hunting, flower watching, tree chasing, puppets, processions,
lanterns, flags, masks, monsters and more, 
who knows what may feature in a Toad project?
a bottle lantern from a Tiny! celebration

challenging, cheerful, inspiring, confidence raising, skills building,

Creeping Toad events, projects and training courses are also,

quite simply,


Creeping Toad in action, Plas Power Woods, 2014
Creeping Toad in action, Plas Power Woods, 2014 photo c/o Laurence Crossman-Emms








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