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A fishy flavour for this set – big fish, small fish, fish to wave or fish to wear on your head!

There are two pages to each worksheet: a “leader’s sheet” with equipment list and hints on leading the activity and a straightforward “how-to-do it” page.  One page of the Flying Fish sheet has flown away…will track it down!

The original books for these sheets was “Talking to the Earth”. That and the more recent “Celebrating Nature’ are still available – follow the link to my website: Gordon’s books


"Giant fish" activity sheet
"Giant fish" activity sheet
"Flying fish" activity sheet - leader's sheet to follow
Fat Fish on Sticks - worksheet
"Fat fish on sticks" leader's notes
"Fishy windsocks" - leader's sheet
"Fishy windsocks" activity sheet
Made along the lines of a "giant fish"