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Stone Age Days

Flint stripStone Age Days

a celebration of prehistoric inventiveness

and wild imaginations


As the glaciers melted and the last Ice Age ended, people followed the returning herds and joined the deer, the wild horses, the bears and the wolves in finding shelter here in the woods and hills of Britain. Mammoths still wandered the moors, cave bears lurked in the darkness, wolves sang long wavering songs to the moon, and there were lions in Derbyshire. And people quietly spread across the land

Why not bring me as a storyteller, artist and zoologist  into your school (or museum or visitor centre or club!) and wander along the lost paths of Stone Age Britain

Tools 2

What could we do?

Depending upon the length of the workshop (half day or whole day), a session could include

  • Storytelling – listening to the sorts of stories Stone Age children might have heard around a campfire on a dark night
  • handling, thinking about and drawing tools and artefacts: flint, bone, shell and antler tools, pottery
  • working with appropriate materials: making bags for carrying, pots for storage, lamps for a dark cave night, improvising, inventing
  • designing Stone Age landscapes using models
  • looking at the animals we shared our land with (quality plastic models to handle and draw)
  • cave artwork: planning and drawing in pastel on black and sand-coloured papers guided by an experienced artist
  • pop-up card sculpture landscapes: creating a moment in the life of a Stone Age family and using this to…
  • telling a new Stone Age story: a child’s adventure in a Stone Age World (children will write, draw or just tell their own story


With these sessions

Each child will:

  • listen to stories
  • make up new stories
  • handle materials
  • understand why some materials last and others don’t
  • know the names of some of the animals (living and extinct) from the period
  • appreciate the inventiveness of Stone Age people
  • build confidence in their own skills as artists and creative people

Cave drawing 2 copy

I will bring

  • stories
  • furs and rugs to set the scene, instruments for atmosphere
  • an extensive collection of model animals including a small herd of (regrettably plastic) mammoths
  • a handling collection of fur, antler, shell, pottery and stone including flint tools
  • any other materials we might need
  • 30 years of experience of working with groups
a cave epic unfolding along a wall
a cave epic unfolding along a wall

To make a booking

Contact Gordon:


or call: 07791 096857


£250 for a day workshop: this generally includes time, travel and materials 

Pop-up Cave life
a cave-day pop-up