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Heather, Moorland and Wild Open Spaces

An opening entry as we start a new phase in the life of the Toadhouse website……this summer, Creeping Toad has been very involved in a biodiversity project in the peak District of England. “People, Plants and the Peaks” sets out to encourage people to explore the plants (and animals) of different Peak District habitats

fellow artist Annie Lord and a young book-builder

Today we were at the Moorland Discovery Centre on the National Trust estate at Longshaw and about 60 people stopped to join in during the day. We found wonderful fungi, swarms of woodlice, potential slave-ants (rare, magnificent and locally special, apparently). the heather was in full purple and swept across the moorland hillsides in a blaze…..a good day

exploring the Longshaw moors

Next events: workshop on trees, afternoon of 14th september and then there are 3 more events – an autumn richness weekend 16th (Ilam Hall) and 17th (Dove Valley Centre) October and a winter trees day on November 14th at Buxton Country Park. More details will follow