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Creative provocation: Martin Garcia

Renewing links on this website gives me an opportunity to promote the work of various friends…..so let’s start with Martin Garcia, “a classic proud Chicagoan” who runs ChicagoArts, paints protraits and hosted a lot of the Luna de Suenos workshops back in 2008 (see under Features in ths website https://creepingtoad.com/features/luna-de-suenos-2008/)

“As an artist I am trying to get new ideas all the time by talking to people and collaborating with others. My Portrait Project has brought me and my work into the homes of hundreds of Chicagoans.”

Go visit! http://www.martinjon.com/


ChicagoArts is yet another way I am making Art accessible. I use YouTube as an open forum to send information about the wonderful art in Chicago around the world and as the world comes to Chicago I am there to let you know again and again that Chicago is a world class city for the arts.